• Healthy Food for Ohio

    Governor John Kasich has just signed the FY 2016-17 operating budget that includes a $2 million provision of seed capital to create the statewide Healthy Food for Ohio program.
    Healthy Food for Ohio
  • Research Your Community

    This new mapping tool can help individuals and organizations better understand the communities in which they are working to improve access to healthy food.
    Research Your Community
  • Retail Strategies

    Determining the best food retail outlet for a specific community can be a challenging process. Explore the key challenges and strategies for different healthy food retail models.
    Retail Strategies
  • Revitalizing Communities with Healthy Food Access

    Now in its fifth year of operation, HFFI is increasing healthy food options in low-income communities and communities of color and catalyzing economic development. 

    Revitalizing Communities with Healthy Food Access

What's New

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    The Agriculture and Food Research Initiative - Childhood Obesity Prevention Challenge Area focuses on the societal challenge to end obesity among children. Applications due 8/4/16.

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    News & Events

    Find the latest media coverage related to healthy food access and sign up for events.


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    Policy Efforts & Impacts

    Learn about the impacts of the Healthy Food Financing Initiative - bringing jobs, economic development, and healthy food access to lower-income communities across the country.
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    Webinar Archive

    This webinar archive "Funding Your Healthy Food Project with USDA Resources" provides examples of how USDA funding is being used to improve access to healthy food.

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    C Fresh Market

    C Fresh Market is located in one of the oldest and most ethnically diverse communities in Des Moines, Iowa. The community had not had a full-service supermarket for almost 10 years.

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    One of the hurdles in helping low-income families gain access to affordable, healthy food has been cleared. Every farmers market in L.A. will now accept food stamps.