Profile: Nojaim Brothers Supermarket and the New York Healthy Food and Healthy Communities (HFHC) Fund


The Nojaim Brothers Supermarket, Syracuse’s only independently owned grocery store, and a community hub — faced possible closure in 2010 due to dated infrastructure and decades of population and economic decline.
In addition to renovating his store, Paul Nojaim is working to help revitalize the Near Westside neighborhood. Through his leadership, the store is collaborating with St. Joseph’s Hospital, Syracuse University, and the Onondaga County Department of Health on several initiatives.

WEBINAR-Research Your Community: Virtual Training


Research Your Community is a new mapping tool available on the Healthy Food Access Portal that can help individuals and organizations better understand the communities in which they are working in to improve access to healthy food.

The tool can also be a valuable resource for your advocacy and fundraising efforts. The grocery landscape is ever changing, and data is one of many ways to paint a picture of a community’s need for healthy food access interventions. This webinar will train users about how to effectively leverage this new tool.

Profile: Cooperative Fund of New England


The Cooperative Fund of New England  has played a leading role in financing the Northeast’s cooperative food movement. As a CDFI it has served as a financer, lender, and advisor to nearly every food co-op in the area.

Cooperatives differ from traditional businesses in that they are jointly owned by, and operated for the benefit of, the people using their services. A cooperative’s profits are distributed among its members, and decisions are made democratically.

WEBINAR-Equity in Healthy Food Access: Engaging Women and Entrepreneurs of Color


This webinar highlighted strategies and valuable resources for engaging female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color in financing healthy food access projects. 
The webinar presented the economic potential of entrepreneurs of color and female entrepreneurs, common barriers and challenges to accessing capital, promising approaches for connecting smaller businesses with resources, as well as case studies and best practices from the field. 

Profile: Healthy Food Financing and Pyburn's Farm Fresh Foods


Houston, home to over two million, is the fourth-largest city in the country, boasts a diverse industrial base and profitable health-care sector, and is one of the wealthiest cities in Texas.

Government leaders, community-based organizations, and business owners are, however, working toward a healthier city and a brighter future with the launch of a citywide healthy food financing initiative to spur affordable, fresh food retail development and the groundbreaking of Pyburn’s Farm Fresh Foods.

WEBINAR-Creating Equitable Food Systems with the Healthy Food Financing Initiative


Across the country, the federal Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI) is working to increase access to healthy food in low income communities and communities of color. The program is supporting food retailers that are increasing equity by improving regional food systems, creating jobs, and strengthening local economies. 
This webinar will highlight how healthy food projects supported by HFFI, including food hubs and similar, innovative enterprises, are better connecting regional agriculture to local consumers. Experts will discuss challenges and share best practices and information on how to leverage financial and community-powered resources to ensure the success food regional food systems under an equity framework.

WEBINAR-The Grocery Store Prescription


Supermarkets are responding to the obesity crisis by changing their product offerings, in-store environments, and marketing practices to make healthy choices more accessible, affordable, and appealing. This webinar will summarize the factors that influence low-income consumers’ food choices and describe culturally appropriate interventions that promoting healthier shopping and eating. Explore effective nutrition education programs and come away with practical tips on how to work with grocery retailers in your community to make the healthy choice the easy choice.
Speakers Include:
--Cathy Califano, Associate Director, TRF Policy Solutions
--Anne Harrison, RD, LDN, Brown’s ShopRite
--Ellen Damaschino, Training Manager, Share our Strength’s Cooking Matters™
--Teresa Blanco, Wellness Program Manager, Northgate Gonzales Market

Profile: C Fresh Market


C Fresh Market is a 23,000-square-foot supermarket located in River Bend — one of the oldest and most ethnically diverse communities in Des Moines, Iowa. The community had not had a full-service supermarket for almost 10 years when C Fresh opened in January of 2013. The store has been developing a diverse and loyal customer base ever since and offers a variety of affordable ethnic and international groceries to the surrounding population.

The project received $712,000 in loan financing from IFF, a nonprofit community development financial institution serving the Midwest region.

WEBINAR-Building a Healthy Corner Store Network


In communities that lack supermarkets or other types of full-service food retail, families depend on corner stores for the majority of their food purchases. The choices at these stores are often limited to processed foods and very little, if any, fresh produce. An effective approach to improving healthy food access in corner stores is the development and launch of Healthy Corner Store Initiatives. As a result, networks of healthy corner stores in cities and states are emerging across the country. While the models and size can vary, the overarching goal remains the same: working with corner store operators and partners to source, price and promote healthier items in their stores. This webinar explores strategies, tactics, best practices and lessons learned on launching and implementing healthy corner store networks by highlighting existing efforts in New Jersey, San Jose, CA, & Cleveland, OH.
--Kamaryn Norris, National Campaign for Healthy Food Access Associate, The Food Trust (moderator)
--Erin Healy, Director of Healthy Eating Initiative, The Health Trust
--Ana Ramos, New Jersey Food Access Coordinator, The Food Trust
--Lindsay Smetana, Community Organizer and Program Manager, Tremont West Development Corporation

Profile: Salud Corporation


In 2011, Salud Corporation received a $341,000 Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI) grant to grow the olive oil milling, bottling, and distribution capacities at a local facility in Dripping Springs, Texas. Salud Corporation is a for-profit social enterprise subsidiary of Business and Community Lenders of Texas (BCL of Texas), a nonprofit economic development organization. Salud is the country’s first Latina-led, start-up to manufacture and distribute high-quality, 100 percent extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from locally sourced ingredients.