• February 23, 2017 | NPR

    Preserving The Flavor Of An Atlanta Neighborhood

    Keitra Bates is standing in front of an empty storefront on Atlanta's Westside. The walls are yellow-painted stucco over cinder blocks, with iron bars on the windows and doors, and a small side yard littered with abandoned tires. A corner store, the Fair Street Superette, is next door.

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  • February 21, 2017 | Civil Eats

    Losing a Grocery Store Changes a Neighborhood

    When the large Pathmark grocery store in the shadows of the Manhattan Bridge closed in 2012 after nearly 30 years in business, it made the news. A&P, the company that owned Pathmark, declared bankruptcy and sold its 49 New York City locations that year. Now, the Lower East Side space is on the...

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  • February 19, 2017 | Duluth News Tribune

    Food access remains worthy goal

    uluthians know as much as anyone in Minnesota about the barriers to buying fresh fruits and veggies, meats that aren't processed and other healthier foods. Thousands of us don't live anywhere near a store that sells groceries, other than gas station convenience stores. Some of us can't afford a...

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