Federal Policy Efforts (State-specific)

Cooperative Fund of New England

The Cooperative Fund of New England (CFNE) is a forty year-old CDFI that is using HFFI financing to increase healthy food access in New England and eastern New York State through the Healthy Food/Cooperative Communities initiative, which combines financing, development services, technical assistance, and data collection and measurement to increase low-income consumers' utilization and membership in co-ops. To supplement its HFFI financing, CFNE launched its Food Cooperatives and Healthy Food Access program (FCHFA) to help food co-ops better serve low-income communities. CFNE partnered with Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA), a regional food co-op association, to document food co-op programs in this area, promote their efforts, and support them in innovating and expanding healthy food access for local food insecure households. Since 2011, CFNE has financed $3.6 million in loans to nine HFFI-eligible food co-op projects, for their development and expansion around low-access communities throughout New England, including the Fiddleheads Food Co-op in New London, CT. You can find more information here.

Source of money: HFFI CDFI-Financial Assistance Program

LifeBridge Community Services

LifeBridge Community Services (LifeBridge) will use its $800,000 HFFI grant to develop Fresh2U, a produce supply and delivery enterprise, that will provide healthy and affordable fresh produce to the low-income, distressed community of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Fresh2U aims to tap the food sourcing and distribution expertise and purchasing power of non-profit and private sector partners to purchase, package and distribute pre-ordered individual boxes of fresh produce in centralized locations to low income individuals residing in food deserts. The delivery sites will be convenient to large concentrations of Bridgeport’s low-income population and include public housing projects, large churches, senior centers and social service agencies located in food deserts and eligible low-income neighborhoods. You can find more information here.

Source of money: HFFI CED Program

State & Local Policy Efforts

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We encourage you to check out the following resources to learn more about or get involved with food access issues in your state:

For a full understanding of Healthy Food Financing Initiatives from advocacy to implementation, see The Food Trust’s Healthy Food Financing Handbook.

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