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Siete del Norte Community Development Corporation

Located in Embudo, New Mexico, Siete del Norte Community Development Corporation (SDN) used HFFI financing to strengthen its Healthy Food Initiative, which provides direct support, economic incentives, and improved resource availability to regional farmers. SDN seeks to supplement farmers’ incomes, create jobs, and increase access to healthy, affordable foods through the administration of a no-interest $150,000 revolving loan fund for regional farmers. SDN is also using federal HFFI funding to: establish a year-round indoor Mercado and relocate another farmers market; create a food hub to provide local farmers with access to equipment, storage, and marketing resources to access secondary and institutional markets; and provide a venue for community workshops, trainings, and educational outreach. SDN expects to create 40 jobs. You can find more information here

Source of money: HFFI CED Program

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